Much change and expansion of consciousness is occurring at present in our world.

Much change and expansion of consciousness is occurring at present in our world.

The concept of a Higher Self and Universal Consciousness as an all-knowing aspect are becoming more acceptable as science and spirituality converge to bring the best of both approaches to healing practices available. The exchange of ideas and knowledge online has sped up the process of integration, and QHHT is taking its unique place as a psychological, medical and spiritual tool and healing modality. An open mind is key to the QHHT to embrace and understand unfamiliar concepts, which can challenge our social conditioning and education. QHHT can deliver expansive breakthroughs in consciousness, both for you and the practitioner.

Initially we discuss your life, themes, or issues
before the hypnosis and healing.

Deeply relaxing and often life changing, you will be gently guided into a deeper relaxed state where your Higher Consciousness leads you on a journey to significant and appropriate, times of life, providing meaningful messages and insights, offering understanding to your current circumstances.

Healing is invited from Consciousness. Messages and insights become apparent to your present life issues. You are guided as to changes you may need to take action with, in your life.

You may like to bring some snacks, water, and questions to ask your Higher Consciousness. Up to 20 questions will be plenty enough.

I can assist you in the questions you may want to ask. Examples of questions you may like to ask your Higher Self/Source/God may be-
  • Health conditions and how to heal
  • Clarity with relationship dynamics
  • Emotional and financial blocks or struggles and how to free yourself
  • Bad habits or addictions
  • Connecting with Spirit, Guides, or Loved Ones

Come with a sense of adventure, curiosity, and openness. You will be enriched and surprised where you are guided and the lives you may have lived.
QHHT sessions are lengthier in time. This allows a deeper experience of relaxation and enquiry.
Offered in person at Julie’s Counselling Room or locally at an extra charge.

QHHT sessions can take approximately 4-5 hours and are carried out in person.

QHHT sessions with Julie are AUS $400.


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